BondingPartner with Pacifica

A satisfied Pacifica client is one who, like us, is patient enough to await the right opportunity. We do not focus on the near term; in fact, we believe that short term results or comparisons are not meaningful.

At Pacifica Capital Investments, we treat the assets in each account as though they were the investor’s entire life savings – so we seek to prevent the permanent loss of capital. We do that by staying disciplined in executing our investment strategy which, we believe, translates into less risk, and if our performance record is an indication, better returns over the long term – a compelling combination.

Remember, more than our reputation is at stake: all of the public equities owned by the firm’s principals are invested in the same basic portfolio of companies as our clients (allowing for opportunities available at the time).

Who works well with Pacifica? Investors who:

  • Want to keep and grow what they’ve earned
  • Are patient and invest for long term results
  • Appreciate working with a manager who has the courage of his convictions and can tune out the noise
  • Want to find opportunities for growth while assuming less risk as PCI defines it
  • Have identified their goals and are comfortable with our approach of creating wealth via long term, value oriented investing
  • Want a firm using an investment process designed to preserve wealth and achieve market-beating results – and has the track record to show it works.
  • Are concerned with tax efficiency.

We invite institutions and high net worth individuals and families that share these principles to consider partnering with Pacifica Capital Investments.