shutterstock_52848092-3Pacifica’s goal is to build long term wealth for clients by investing in public companies that have strong prospects for the foreseeable future. Our proprietary investment process focuses on acquiring stock in those businesses, as part of a concentrated investment portfolio, at prices below our estimate of their intrinsic value. Our approach reflects patience and discipline – and they are the foundation of PCI’s long-run success.

No part of our investment management is outsourced; we analyze and select each company, and then opportunistically include each one in a portfolio that has the best long term potential. We seek to minimize risk by knowing more about the companies we own. Pacifica gains no comfort in “diversifying” holdings beyond the top tier of businesses, where that intimate knowledge becomes increasingly less likely. Instead, we concentrate holdings in our favorite companies rather than spread them over ones that aren’t. The investable assets of the firm’s principals are concentrated in the same basic portfolio of companies as our clients (depending upon the opportunities available at the time).